Hilal Cement strives to prevent otherwise minimize, mitigate and remediate the enviromental impacts of the entire Group's activity. Moreover, Hilal Cement promotes environmentally-drive product innovation, sustainable construction and transfer of technologies and management system to all its operation.

Hilal Cement has developed more restrictive environmental targets for its plants to be in line with its sustainability efforts. Hilal Cement its complying with applicable environmental regulations. Promoting and adhering to ISO 14001:2015 requirements and achieving environmental objectives.

Hilal Cement strongly support and encourages actions aimed at developing and implementing recognized management system and voluntary commitment to prevent risks and foster continuous improvement, beyond compliance with applicable enviromental laws and requlation.

Each plant has compiled with all restrictions on dust emissions; and measuring below the threshold set by environmental regulations.

- Ensures that all plants and equipment are designed, operated and maintained to minimize enviromental risk, in particular by using best available techniques when installing new facilities and revamping or replacing existing installations, and the risk assesment of major projects includes environmental aspects.

- Minimizes the generation of hazardous and other waste, promoting reuse and recycle of material, where feasible, and disposal of waste in a safe and responsible manner.